Where do we ship to?
We offer Worldwide shipping, anywhere in the world, however, we do not provide free worldwide shipping at the moment. We are sincerely sorry. 

How do I know which countries Blanketful can ship to and unable to?

After you put in the address/country in the checkout and purchase the product(s), For countries that we cannot ship to, our system will let us know that we cannot send them and our Blanketful team will reach out to you to let you know and refund your purchases.

What is our worldwide processing time?
After your payment is authorized and verified, it takes 24-48 hours to process your order.

 Location Shipping Time Processing Time
United States 


5-7 days

Eastern part of US take maximum 10 days


24-48 hours




1-2 weeks 24-48 hours




1-2 weeks 24-48 hours


United Kingdom


1-2 weeks 24-48 hours


Other countries, 


1-2 weeks, depend on location.

24-48 hours


What about import duties and customs?

Your package should not be subject to import duties or rejected by customs as we make sure of it!

However, there is a time when import duties such as fees, taxes, or customs duties are inevitable. In this scenario, the customer is held responsible for any charges to abide by the customer's own country's law of import duties.

Return policy for Word-wide

*****currently, We only offer free returns within the USA. We do not offer free returns from another country meaning we do not pay for free return, we are sincerely sorry, but we are working on it to offer this service! For more concerns: please email us at*****